Industrial Vehicles

TRANSORDIZIA transports industrial vehicles for international distribution for the main manufactures throughout Europe.

In 2015 it distributed 22,000 units, with more than 16 million kilometers traveled.

Both TRANSORDIZIA's tractors and vehicle transporters are in permanent renovation and modernization..

TRANSORDIZIA's fleet, with FMS and Rolfo's tow trucks, comply with the latest and most demanding technical requirements, in accordance with the highest quality standards in international transport..

The load fastening security and use of suitable material, as the fundamental elements for maintaining road security, are established in the company's commitment to offer maximum quality in transport, and are the distinctive referents of TRANSORDIZIA throughout Europe..

TRANSORDIZIA assumes this challenge in the High & Heavy market, and gets technical support from the load and security team at TÜV-SÜD Auto Service GmbH.

As partner in the load fastening security process, the specialists at TÜV-SÜD guarantee optimizing load security techniques and technical know-how via a competent consultation and continuous partnership..

TRANSORDIZIA offers logistics services in its different centers in Spain (Irún), Germany (Kippenheim) and Poland (Slubice).


TRANSORDIZIA is proud to be referent in the bus transport sector, both for chassis and auto bodies, including urban articulated buses. It has the most modern tow trucks and most qualified drivers for this type of transport, providing a satisfaction guarantee for its clients: the largest manufacturers and bus body shops in Europe..

Industrial Vehicle Maintenance

Portabask, a recently established company belongs to the TRANSORDIZIA Group..

Its new and modern installations are located at ZAISA III, a transport services center, only 200 meters from the border with France in Irun (A1 Motorway), in the heart of the axis Atlantic Spain - center and northern Europe.

PORTABASK provides its clients a highly qualified staff of professionals with plenty of experience in the maintenance of industrial vehicles, which guarantee the best service in record time..

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